Inline Elements List in HTML5

HTML5 Inline Elements

Inline elements have no line breaks associated with the element.

Here is a complete list of inline-tag selectors that can by used to style the HTML document by using the power of CSS / CSS3

* will represent Inline Elements new in HTML5

Selector HTML Use Selector HTML Use
a Anchored Link label Label for Form Element
abbr Abbreviation legend Title in Fieldset
address A Physical Address link Resource Reference
area Area in Image Map mark* Marked Rext
audio* Sound Content meter* Measurement Range
bm Bold text nav* Navigation Links
cite Short Citation optgroup Group of Form Options
code Code Text option An Option in a Drop-down List
del Deleted Text q Short Quote
details* Details of an Element small Small Print
dfn Defined Term select Selectable List
command* Command Button source* Media resource
datalist* Drop-down List span Localized Style Formatting
em Emphasis strong Strong Emphasis
font Font Appearance sub Subscript
i Italic summary* Details Header
iframe Inline sub-window sup Superscript
img Image Embedding tbody Table Body
input Input Field td Table Data
ins Inserted Text time* Date/Time
kbd Keyboard Text var Variable

Types of HTML Elements

HTML includes a large number of elements, each with its own specific tag and use for structuring documents. Elements can generally be sorted into two categories:

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