HTML5 Block Level Elements: Complete List

HTML5 Block Level Elements

Block-level elements place a line break before and after the element

Here is a complete list of block level selectors that can by used to style the HTML document by using the power of CSS / CSS3

* will represent Block Level Elements new in HTML5

Selector HTML Use Selector HTML Use
article* Article Content header* Section or Page Header
aside* Aside Content hgroup* Groups Header Information
blockquote Long Quotation hr Horizontal Rule
body Page Body li List Item
br Line Break map Image Map
button Push Button object Object Embedding
canvas* Draw Area ol Ordered List
caption Table Caption output* Form Output
col Table Column p Paragraph
colgroup Group of Table Columns pre Preformatted Text
dd Definition Description progress* Displays progress of time consuming task
div Division section* Section in Web page
dl Definition List table Table
dt Definition Term tbody Table Body
embed External Content textarea Form Text Input Area
fieldset Fieldset Label tfoot Table Footer
figcaption* Figure Caption th Table Header
figure* Groups Media Content and Caption thead Table Header
footer* Section or page footer tr Table Row
form Input Form ul Unordered List
h1–6 Heading Levels 1–6 video* Video player

Types of HTML Elements

HTML includes a large number of elements, each with its own specific tag and use for structuring documents. Elements can generally be sorted into two categories:

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HTML5 Block Level Elements: Complete List

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